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As I recently shared with you my natural everyday makeup, I thought I would give a more in-depth look at my eyebrow routine. I apologize that this wasn't up yesterday, editing my videos is still extremely time consuming.


Several years ago, I used to frequently get my eyebrows waxed at the Brow Bar in Nordstrom. Eventually I stopped going due to my skin developing scabs (from the wax being ripped off) under my brows. Plus I was tired of forking out another monthly expense on a service that I was capable of doing myself.

It has been several years since I've had my brows professionally done. Are they perfect? Absolutely not. I've trimmed the brow hairs too short and I've over-plucked. I'm also well aware that my brows are not perfectly symmetrical. (But neither is my face).

Today I'm going to show you what has been working for me. If there is one thing that I want you to take from this tutorial it is: TAKE YOUR TIME! I can't stress enough how important it is when doing your brows yourself. One time I spent 45 minutes doing my brows and they came out as well groomed as when I got them professionally done.

Alright guys, enough of my chit-chat. First we will start by grooming the brows, then filling them in. The post begins after the video below!



-S T E P O N E-

B r u s h

To get my brows ready to be plucked and trimmed, I'll brush my hairs in an upwards motion that follows the natural direction of the brow. (I used my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Brush #12) This allows me to see the natural arch of my brows.

-S T E P T W O-

T w e e z e

Typically I'll start by removing the random stray hairs then I'll carefully work my way to the bottom of the brow. How I avoid over-plucking: work with one brow hair at a time. What I mean is, if there is a brow hair that is close to the natural line of your brow, inspect it first. Sometimes I'll move that specific hair around to ensure it's not incorrectly placed or it might just need to be trimmed so it's uniform with the rest of the brow.

Once the bottom is done, I'll brush the hairs in a downward motion. This way I can see the natural arch of my brows. Applying the same technique as before, I'll start with the random hairs then begin the clean up the upper line.

I tend to repeat these steps until I am happy with the overall shape. This is normally where I spend the most time in my brow routine.

-S T E P T H R E E-

T r i m

After several failed attempts at trimming, I finally figured out how to do them properly. Remember those pictures from step one that showed the direction you should be brushing? Well, that is going to be the most important aspect of this step. If you do not follow the natural direction of your brow when brushing, you could potentially cut the hair too short once your start trimming.

Again, take your time! Re-brush the brow hairs when needed and trim only a few hairs at a time at avoid taking chunks from your brow. I would also highly recommend using curved scissors as they can follow the shape of your brows. (These are technically curved cuticle scissors. I don't know the brand of scissors I own but eventually I'll be replacing these ones with the Tweezerman Cuticle Scissors.)

Once the brows have been groomed to my liking, it's time to fill them in. Sometimes I'll skip the next two steps if I want to leave them au natural.

-S T E P F O U R-

F i l l

To start, I always like to begin on the outer edges. Using my ABH Dipbrow Pomade in "Soft Brown" with their #12 brow brush, I'll create hair-like strokes in the sparse areas. If you were to simply draw a straight line in the brow, it will make them look boxy which is not what we want.

This pomade is a heavy-duty and smudge-resistant so once it's been applied, it's going to stick. I've also used their Brow Wiz, Beauty Express For Brows + Eyes*, and their Highlight Brow Kit*. If your looking for a non-sharpening pencil that gives you a natural look, I would recommend the Brow Wiz. I used to use that product before switching to the pomade.

*These kits were purchased back in 2010-2011 and are now discontinued.

On a normal day I'll just end my brow routine here. Sometimes I want my brows to have that extra sharpness, which is when I would move onto the final step.

-S T E P F I V E-

C o n c e a l

Now that the brows have been filled and blended, I'll go in with my concealer and clean the edges. Doing so will give them a polished and finished look.

Taking a small concealer brush I'll take my Tarte Shape Tape in "Light" and apply it right beneath the brow line. I have seen professionals (Kelley Baker) take a square foundation brush to apply the concealer for precise application.

I'll continue to apply the shape tape above the brow and middle. Taking the other side of the concealer brush I'll begin to blend the product out. Next I'll take my beauty blender and press the product into the skin until it creates a smooth finish.

Lastly I'll go back in with my pomade and fill in the areas that need sharpening.

-T H E F I N A L R E S U L T-

MORGAN PEGNONE head tilted showing groomed and filled in eyebrows

Are you guys enjoying these types of tutorials?

Leave a comment below if you have any requests!

until next time,

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