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DIY Fall Wreath

Happy Friday everyone!

The holidays are fast approaching and I wanted to make something that I could keep until December. I originally planned to do this post last month but unfortunately didn't happen due to a time crunch. The benefit is I can keep this for the upcoming years and even redecorate the wreath if I choose. Everything used to make this wreath was purchased at Hobby Lobby. To see how I made it, read below!


-wreath base (I used a grapevine)

-fall decor (leaves, pumpkins, pine cones, flowers, etc.)

-hot glue gun

-if you choose to paint decor: color of your choice, paint brush, + paint safe bowl/plate

Building The Wreath

Before I begin gluing down any pieces, I arrange them to how I want the wreath to look. (This normally takes quite a while for me since I am very indecisive.) I like to have a variety of different types of leaves, flowers, pumpkins and pine cones. You can of course customize what plants + decor to use depending on the look you are going for.

If there are pieces that your wanting to paint, I would do that now. I painted a few leaves and pine cones so they would bring more contrast to the other colors on the wreath. Once painted I would let them dry for at least 20-30 minutes before applying to the wreath.

Once you have decided the arrangement of the wreath, you can begin to glue down the pieces. I normally start in a corner and then work around the wreath. If leaves + other plants are securely in the wreath you won't need to glue them down. I used a hot glue gun to secure the pieces down. (Unless the wreath is placed outside and in windy climates then I would glue everything down.)

Our puppy, Ollie, supervising the wreath building

Once all the decor pieces have been glued down allow the wreath to dry for another 20-30 minutes before hanging. Since it's windy where I live, I will probably just leave it sitting or hanging on the mantel in the living room. You can also add a holiday sign in the center of the wreath as well. My mother made a wreath as well that I will leave as a center piece on the dining room table.

Thank you for reading today's DIY project! Would you like to see more of these kind of posts?

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