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FRESH Face Masks Review

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Hello Everyone!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far, its time to celebrate the weekend now that its Friday! Today I wanted to talk to you about three Fresh facial masks that I purchased as a set from Sephora. Which are: the Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask, Rose Face Mask + the Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask. I have used all of them for about two or three weeks.

Who is Fresh?

Started in 1991 by Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, they opened a apothecary store in Boston where they specialized in their natural and upscale body products. What set them apart was the use of natural ingredients that have been around for centuries such as rose water and Umbrian clay. They're also one of the first company to use ingredients such as soy, sake, and sugar in their products. If you want to learn more - go to their website here.

About My Skin

I have combination + acne prone skin type. I have enlarged pores in the t-zone and can get dry cheeks while also struggling with different types acne. (Whiteheads, blackheads, + nodules) This review is purely from my own experience and how it effect my skin personally. How it works for me, may not work for you in the same way. Currently my skin is on the clear side with a few minor breakouts and some acne scarring. An important factor when trying new masks is consistency. (Unless it's further irritating your skin-then stop using it)

Now lets move onto the fun part!

Fresh, masks, facial masks, black tea instant perfecting mask, beauty, skincare, black tea

Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask

Claim: a hydrating treatment that smooths and immediately softens for healthier-looking skin

When I looked on their website at the ingredients, it was interesting to find out that rice ferment filtrate (Sake) was in the top three of this black tea mask. Sake is a skin-conditioning agent which is why the mask leaves your skin hydrated and calmed.

My skin couldn't agree more.

sample, Fresh, masks, facial masks, black tea instant perfecting mask, beauty, skincare, black tea

When I first applied the mask my skin instantly felt a cooling sensation for the first few minutes. It was incredibly refreshing and felt as if it woke my skin up. (great to use as a kick-start in the morning!) Plus you can use this mask up to 2-3 times a week.

After removing the mask my skin, the imperfections on my skin slightly are reduced but my skin feels glowing and luminous. I really noticed a difference the next day, after waking up the next morning my skin tone looked even and smooth.

Fresh, masks, facial masks, rose face mask, beauty, skincare, rose petals, rose water, gel formula

Rose Face Mask

Claim: A unique gel formula infused with real rose petals and pure rose water that hydrated and tones the complexion.

Rose water has been used for centuries for its soothing and toning properties (per Fresh, Cleopatra was obsessed with using the water + rose petals to bath in.) It also contains cucumber extract and aloe vera gel to really hydrate and calm red + irritated skin.

sample, Fresh, masks, facial masks, rose face mask, beauty, skincare, rose petals, rose water, gel formula

When I applied the mask not only did it smell heavenly, it felt deeply hydrating. The formula of the mask is thick so a little goes a long ways. I can tell a difference when I use it, especially on my cheeks, the redness has faded and feels replenished.

I personally feel this facial mask has worked best for me due to my dry skin in the cheeks and jawline. The best feature of this face mask if that its gentle enough to use everyday. When I was using it on a daily basis, my skin had never looked so supple and even. The texture of my skin had softened, especially in the forehead where I get the most damage, my skin looked clear, and overall was glowing.

Fresh, masks, facial masks, umbrian clay, umbria, italy, beauty, skincare,

Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask

Claim*: A multi-functional treatments for normal to oily skin. It can be used as a deep cleanser or spot treatment. It reduces the appears of pores and mattify's the skin without drying.

What is Umbrian Clay?

Umbrian clay has a high-mineral content which helps balance and purify the skin. It can be found in Umbria, Italy, and has been a beauty secret for centuries.

When applying it to my skin it felt creamy and refreshing, as if it was sucking all the dirt from my pores. I typically apply it to my t-zone area and on any current acne. I have also used it as a full face mask and deep cleanser which made my face feel super clean without it feeling stripped of its natural oils.

Lush, Angels on Bare Skin, Celestial, Cleanser, Moisturizer, roller, rose quartz, rose quartz roller, natural beauty, organic, natural

Before using a face mask, I first my use rose quartz roller to get the circulation going under the skin. (I bought mine from a local skincare shop.) I then use my Lush Angels on Bare Skin to cleanse and prep for the mask. Lastly I use Lush's Celestial moisturizer to lock in all the hydration.

If they still had the current set I would absolutely repurchase the set. Sephora has a set that is almost confidential as it contains the Rose Face Mask, Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask + the Sugar Face Polish for $58. (You would get 1 oz of each product).

While that may seem expensive, I have had my masks for almost a year and I am just now finishing them. Depending on how often you use masks, they may last longer or shorter. (If you have a product longer than the shelf life, use a test area to ensure you wont cause irritation before applying it all over your face.)

Are there any face masks you guys are interested in wanting me to review?

Leave a comment on the blog page!

Until next time,

*claims have been taken directly from Fresh's website

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