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HOUSE HUNTING: Part Five - The Home Tour

wooden bedroom set

Hello friends!

I know it's been a whole week since I've last posted but to be fair, I was spending time with family that I hadn't seen in months. A huge thank you to everyone who has been so patient but now that were back to our normally scheduled posting - lets move onto the house tour! The bedroom set above isn't ours but I love the simplicity of it.

If you haven't read parts 1-4 you can read them below.

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Getting The Keys

Friday morning my boyfriend, Paul, and I met the realtor at the house one last time before signing the papers. We walked through the house after all the changes had been made to ensure they were acceptable. It was brief but once we decided it was good to go, we had some time before signing the papers. While we waited we went to our storage unit and loaded the majority of our things back into a moving truck.

A few hours later we met the realtor at the financial/loan building to finally sign the papers. Within the hour the house was officially ours and we had they keys!

The Home Tour

The house is slowly coming together and is starting to actually feel like ours. While we haven't finished decorating or getting all the furniture we need, I still want to show the house to you all.

brick house exterior

I already have tons of plans for the front of the house. Our hope is to vamp up the front yard by adding plants + flowers, adding a fence that connects to the backyard, and shutters for majority of the windows.

living room with brick fireplace and leather sofas

While almost complete we still need a coffee table, side tables, and of course decor for the mantel. What I'm looking forward to most: sitting by the fire, reading a good book, and enjoying the snow.

dining room with table set and antique hutch and painting

The dining room is slowing coming together. I'm still on the hunt for a cabinet/storage piece to put the records + record player. Ideally, it would be long enough that we can put our sound bar on it as well.

newly remodeled kitchen

One of my favorite parts of the home, its directly next to the dining and living room. We finally have a spacious kitchen to bake + cook while enjoying time with company and the view of the mountains.

deck with view of mountain range and rooftops

The deck is directly connected to the kitchen, take a few steps outside and you have this incredible view.

office with wood desk, computer, plant, and decor

Where I get all of my work done. It's pretty dull at the moment as far as decor but at least I have stunning sunrise views in the mornings.

master bedroom with wood bedroom set and antique dresser and faux fur rug

Master Bedroom - still looking for decorative pieces and bedside lamps.

basement with brick gas fireplace with an L-shaped couch and projector

Downstairs includes a gas fireplace and our projector as well as the guest bedroom.

backyard exterior of the home with deck

The backyard - another favorite part of the home. There is space for our puppy to run around in and we are also hoping to have an outdoor living area during the summers. With all the potential, I can't wait to start planting gardens and plants throughout the yard.

Be ready for a bunch of before and afters coming up in the next few months!

Thank you to everyone who has been following our journey in purchasing our first home! We couldn't be happier with the move and how fortunate we are to have found a house we love so quickly. (Especially before the holidays!)

Now that the #househunting series has come to an end, what other kind of series would you like to see? Or would you rather see just individual/single posts?

Leave a comment below, I would love to hear your suggestions!

Until next time,

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