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HOUSE HUNTING: Part Four - Purchasing Process

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I hope your week is starting off right with a hot cup of coffee (or whatever floats your fancy) and hopefully not too many emails to catch up on. This week's #househunting series I will be going over our inspection, rejections, and appraisals of the purchasing process. If you haven't read the first three parts, I would start here.

Inspection, rejections, appraisals, oh my!

We are finally in the process of purchasing our first home!

*Jumps up and down in excitement*

The process has been smooth sailing and we’ve had a wonderful realtor who has tremendously helped us along to way. After deciding the all brick home was the one for us, she gave us the phone number of an inspector - who happens to be the same gentleman who inspected our friends home that we are currently staying with. After calling him, he and I set a time for us and the realtor to go to the home and review the report of his findings.

Thankfully he was able to squeeze us in since we had two days until our inspection deadline. With coffee in hand, I met the inspector and realtor at our potential future home. He had already accounted for most of the home by the time we arrived. As we begun touring the house he gave pointers as to what we should be looking for.

Starting in the lower level he educated us on safety tips as well as maintenance for the water heater, furnace, humidifier and more. There were a few components that the sellers will have to fix or have the home price adjusted accordingly. Moving to the upper level of the home there were only very minor problems that would need to be fixed. (such as hooking up the sink stopper lever in the master bath.) The only concerns that inspector had was cleaning out the fireplaces, fixing some pavement in the front and backyard, the sewer, and the deck which wasn’t up to code. These were all things that could be fixed and weren’t deal-breakers.

Before + After: Living Room

Since this house was only owned for a year, and was flipped, I was a little nervous how the inspection would go. The gentleman gave me reassurance that the owners who flipped the home did amazing and quality work. (You never know what you’re going to get when you buy a flipped home - especially if they had cut corners). After he had gone through the house and what should be fixed, he advised to have a sewer scope done to ensure the pipes aren’t bowing or needing cleaned.

Once we were done at the inspection, our realtor gave us contact information of a local company to perform the sewer scope. If you don’t know what that is, someone takes a camera through the sewer line in your house to the pipes in the street that connect to the city sewage line. Since we had two days before our inspection rejection was due we were definitely on a time crunch. Thankfully on our due date, we were able to hire someone perform the scope.

The whole process of performing the sewer scope took about twenty minutes. The man who completed the job gave us a CD copy of the scope (which we will probably end up filling away, I don't need to see what's down there 😖) He let us know the pipes were good to go and just needed a professional cleaning/flushing every one to two years. After we were done all that was left was to submit our inspection rejection.

Since the pipes were clean, we didn’t need to add it to our list of items to fix. The major items we were wanting fixed were the deck, parts of the sidewalk that were a tripping hazard, cleaning the upstairs chimney, and the final hookups for the humidifier. After my boyfriend and I reviewed what the realtor had put together, he signed the papers and sent them back to be finalized. Until we heard back from our realtor it was just a waiting game, hoping they were willing to assist us in any way.

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The Results

After patiently waiting the sellers sent back what they were willing to fix. Surprisingly, they were willing to fix everything we asked for. We were shocked! I almost felt like it was too good to be true. The whole process was going so smoothly I was half anticipating for something to go awry. The only part we were waiting for was the appraisal from the loan company.

On the day of the due date, we finally received a copy of the appraisal report from the loan lender. (This is to ensure the requested loan amount reflects the actual price of the home.) The final report was the home came in right at value - giving us the green light to sign the papers.

After setting up a time with the lenders + our realtor, we were a week away from signing the papers and getting the keys to the house! We were ecstatic, after all this time waiting, we were so close to owning our first home. Now all that was left was to get our clothes, boxes, and everything else, ready for the move. Again. (This would be our second time moving in the span of two months.)

Thank you to everyone who has been following our journey in purchasing our first home. This has been an exciting new chapter for us and we are so thankful you all are here to experience it with us.

Be sure to stay tuned for the last part in the series where we sign the papers and get the keys to our new house! I will also be giving you guys a tour of the new place!

Until next time,

morgan pegnone

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