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HOUSE HUNTING: Part One - Starting Our Search

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

I would first like to thank you for stopping by to read our journey as we purchase our first home. This is a huge step in our lives and we want to share it with you, please leave any comments or questions on the blogs main page and I'll be happy to respond. This is going to be a five part series so be sure to follow along each week to see what we're up to!


Living in the Pacific Northwest definitely had its perks. In Oregon you had the city life, coastal living, mountains and with the desert, it truly has it all. Now I'm sure you're probably wondering, why leave such a beautiful state? After living in one area of Oregon for your entire life, I had an itch to experience something new. My boyfriend was actually the one who had brought up the brilliant idea of moving to Colorado. We were tired of constantly moving and wanted to purchase a home.

House hunting in Portland was discouraging to say the least. It was difficult finding a home in our price range that was the same size, if not smaller, than our current living situation. That's when he thought of the idea of buying a home in Colorado. His friends from college lived there and were willing to let us stay in their home until we found a place of our own. Having that opportunity gave us the push to take the leap.

After countless days of packing my boyfriend, our 8-month old puppy, and I loaded up our belongings into a budget truck and moved halfway across the states. Starting in Portland we drove along the interstate and within two days we had arrived at our destination of Colorado Springs.

When we first brainstormed ideas of what we wanted in home, we came up with a general idea of what we were looking for. We wanted more space than the previous two-bedroom condo with a small deck. It’s was also essential that we have a fenced yard for our Boston Terrier/French Bulldog-mix puppy. He has serious energy to burn. After finding a few houses that looked like worthy candidates, the following day we ventured out to explore them in person.

Red Rock Canyon, Colorado

The Search Begins

The first home was in a neighborhood with a stunning view of the mountain range. Across the street held soccer games of young and energized junior high students. Upon walking into the first home the entry-way was pretty simple. To the right contained a minor split-level separating the downstairs basement and the upper level of the home with a balcony overlooking the entry way. The dining room was adjoined to the kitchen and the upper level was made up of mainly all hardwood floors. The kitchen was small, outdated and needed new appliances. Overall there was more work to be done that we were wanting-especially the backyard. It wasn't a terrible home, it just wasn't for us.

About fifteen minutes away the second house we visited was in a well manicured neighborhood nestled on a corner lot. The exterior of the house was contemporary and more updated than the previous home. It definitely had a patriotic feel with all of the home decor of American flags. (You could tell the previous owners were in the Army). As you walked into the home you were greeted with a small entryway that connected to the dining room which flowed into the living room. Next to the family room was the kitchen that had been updated and modern. A perfectly lush rectangle with no trees or shrubs made up the majority of the backyard which backed up to other neighbors. It had a smaller garage than the previous house but overall was a beautiful home. While it was charming we knew we could quickly outgrow the home since there was only three bedrooms.

The last house we viewed definitely needed some updating. The beige carpets were stained in random areas, there were holes in doors, as well as the walls, and the backyard needed some serious TLC. After a few minutes my boyfriend and I both knew this wasn’t the house for us. It needed maintenance in every room of the house. After we talked to the real estate agents that were showing the home, there had been no updates since it was originally built in 1970s. Hence all the wear and tear. We thanked them for their time and ventured out to see more potential homes.

Cripple Creek, Colorado


In between the houses we were able to see, we tried to view a few other open homes but were unsuccessful. After a long day of open-houses and driving, we returned to our temporary home and went back to the drawing board. The one thing I was in awe of was how beautiful the surrounding landscape and mountain range was. I was nervous that we would lose some greenery after moving from Oregon-I was wrong. It was different but inspiring in its own way. With high hopes we spent the rest of the evening searching for our potential home.

If your still reading, I give you a round of applause! I know the house hunting process isn't always glamorous but I want to share my perspective. Let me know how you like the series so far and if there's anything you want to see more of!

Until next time,

Stay tuned for next Monday when we meet with our agent and view more homes!

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