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HOUSE HUNTING: Part Three - The Decision

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

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Hello again everyone!

Thanks for stopping by to read this weeks #househunting series. It's been exciting to share this adventure with you and we couldn't be more thrilled to announce which home we chose. We view more new homes as well previous ones. Keep reading to find out!

If you haven't read part one or two - start here.

Old & New Homes

It was a sunny and crisp autumn morning as my boyfriend and I waited for our real estate agent to arrive, looking at the residential home sitting before us. It was perched on a slight incline and had an all brick exterior with a long and open front-yard. The first-impression was giving us hope this would be a potential purchase. Our real estate agent arrived and we said our hellos as we entered the home. It was not what we were expecting. It contained all the original features when it was first built which normally isn’t a problem for me - except this one. It was dirty and there were aspects, such as floors and counters, that needed replacing. After taking a look at the backyard we decide to move onto the next house. For our first home, we wanted it to be move in ready so we knew this wasn’t the home for us.

Once we got to the second home I was already impressed. The entry was a covered two-story stucco archway that lead to a vast walnut front door. Upon walking inside of the home it was dark but contained an open floor plan with vaulted ceilings. The kitchen was right of the entryway, which held a pantry wall with endless amount of storage. You could go to the backyard from the dining room which was nestled in front of the kitchen. Upstairs contained the master bedroom and bath in addition to another two bedrooms. But that wasn’t all. Continuing to the basement - it was huge. It also contained another three large bedrooms, making a total of six bedrooms. The house had character and a rich and cozy feeling when you first walked in. It was hard to let go but there was no way we needed that much space for just us two. (Plus - do I really want to clean all of that space!?) Once we made our decision it was off to see our previous favorites again.

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After patiently waiting, we finally arrived at the simple all brick home with the split-level entryway. We all entered the home we took another mini-tour around the property. The most convenient part about the home was that the interior needs little-to-no updating. The exterior was Georgian inspired yet also contemporary but was average with great potential. I found myself making a mental list of the projects to help improve it’s curbside appeal. (Shutters, ivy scaling the wall, black accents, etc.) The home had the potential to be great, both of us could see it. It included everything we were looking for: five bedroom with three baths, large backyard, brand-new updated interior, and a large two-car garage with room for a workshop. My boyfriend and I didn’t need much time to decide that this was the one. It was perfect for us. Not too big but not too small including a spacious backyard. We spoke to our realtor and told her this was it, we didn’t need to see the other home again. She briefly went over the process and we would need to set up a meeting for her to go over the fine details.

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We parted ways with the agent and left feeling excited as well as anxious to begin. We couldn't believe we found a home we both loved so fast. It will be a lengthy process but worth it to own property and make it our own. We drove around the developing neighborhood to check out more of the area. We would live within walking distance to Palmer Park and a quick drive, or a long walk, to the basic amenities. Excited for what was to come, we drove back to our friends home to get prepared for the upcoming week.

Thank you!

To everyone who has been following the series, we are excited to share the journey of buying our first home! Next Monday I go over the purchasing process, inspection + appraisal results, rejections and more.

Until then,

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