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HOUSE HUNTING: Part Two - The Search Continues

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Hello friends!I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! If you're returning or a new reader, thanks for joining this weeks house hunting series. If you haven't read the first part, where my boyfriend and I drove around looking at open houses, you can read it here. This weeks article we are meeting with a real estate agent who was referred by our friends.

When we were searching online for homes, we were finding our favorites in the northeast area of Colorado Springs. After a few hours of house hunting my boyfriend and I narrowed down the next set of houses we want to tour. We emailed our top eight favorites to our real estate agent and a few days later we went to see more homes. (We only saw seven due to one going under contract.)

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Round Two

Starting in Fountain: the first home was nestled in a newly developed neighborhood surrounded by plains. I wasn’t fond of the location but when arriving at the home it had a clean ranch style exterior. All of the interior was modern and new. (The previous owners kept it in pristine condition). Not only did the house included a high-tech security system it contained a small basketball court in the back. Included in the expansive basement was a wet bar with a built-in wine cooler. The home was extravagant but we knew it wasn’t the right fit for us.

After seeing the first home we traveled back to the east side of Colorado Springs. There were two additional homes we saw but overall decided that we could cross them off our list. We next toured a home sitting on a corner lot with olive vinyl siding and brick exterior. The kitchen had been newly remodeled with matching white cabinets and granite counter tops. All the bedrooms had also been updated and were spacious. The backyard was exclusive and private but needed maintenance. There were a few downfalls of the house such as needing an updated skylight in the entryway, no A/C, and a gravel front and backyard. (there was no grass anywhere on the lot). They were minor issues that we could potentially fix so we decided to keep it in our top choices.

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Our next stop was about 15-20 minutes away which was a charming all brick home with a simple exterior. It was a split level home, that upon entering, you could see both the lower great room and upper level. The entire home had been remodeled from the floors to the roof and everything in-between. Another plus was there were two fireplaces in the home: the upper level containing wood-burning while the lower great room had gas. My favorite attributes was the back deck that overlooked the rooftops of the neighboring homes - including a view of the mountains. The home was cozy while still maintaining a modern feel and was definitely in our top two.

The last two homes we saw were also newly renovated and had traditional ranch style exteriors. While they were remarkably new on the inside, the backyard of one was small and the second home was too large for just us two. We decided they both had impressive features but we couldn’t imagine ourselves living in either home.

After viewing the seven homes we had narrowed down our top two houses and discarded the rest. We later picked out three more homes to see the following day, in addition to our two top favorites. With another day ahead of us, we had an early night and prepared for another day of finding our future home.

Thank you for reading this weeks post of my house hunting series! Please leave any comments or suggestions in the box below, I love your feedback!

Until next time,

Check back next Monday to see which house we decided to purchase!

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