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Mini Clothing Haul

Hello Friends!

If you read my previous post about my winter must-haves, I talked about different tops, bottoms and knee-high boots. One of my goals this winter was to increase my wardrobe with appropriate clothes for the season. (For some reason I always gravitate towards summer pieces whenever I shop - even during the dead of winter.)

I wanted to share three sweaters and a pair of jeans that I purchased that have become staples in my wardrobe. For me, these are investment pieces which should last for the next few winter seasons.

For sizing purposes, I am 5'3 / 105 lbs and I wear an XS in all tops & size 24 bottoms


What drew me to these pants specifically was the deep muted indigo coloring. I have another pair that are similar but a more true blue. Even though they are an "ankle" I would say that wouldn't be quite true. Normally my other Paige ankle jeans have always fallen 1-2 inches above my ankle. Since it was such a simple fix I decided to go ahead and purchase them. I also noticed they ran a bit large so they aren't are fitting as my previous pairs. I do love how comfortable they are and that they are more of a high-rise fit. I purchased them at Nordstrom Rack which you can find here.


I can say pretty confidently that speckled grey is probably one of my favorite clothing patterns/colors. I mean it does have a mix of my favorite colors: black, white and grey so no wonder why. I have had my eye on this sweater for awhile and if it looks familiar, you may have seen it in my previous winter must-haves post. For me personally I love crop tops because they fit my torso perfectly. (I have a smaller torso with longer legs.) With the slimming top being made of a wool/linen blend I stay warm without overheating. This sweater was purchased at Aritzia which you can find here.


Another crop top sweater that was featured in my previous article that I had my eye on for this season. It's thinner than my other sweaters but can go with a scarf and heavy jacket but can also be worn alone during spring. My favorite part about this particular sweater was the design of the knit and that it's also a slightly grey/cream color. With the thick trim at the bottom it accentuates the waist area. This was also purchased at Aritzia which you can find here.


Last but not least, the final sweater for this mini haul. I previously didn't own any turtlenecks but I always loved how classy they looked. Another huge plus for me was that it hugs your curves (or lack of) and it just a flattering top. With the ribbed texture it gives a little detail to a basic black turtleneck. It's also on the thinner side but can easily be layered with accessories and coats while also being extremely comfortable. You can find this sweater at Aritzia which you can find here.

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What are your favorite places to shop at? I would love to hear from you all, leave a comment below!

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