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Nail Bliss Acrylic Press-on Review

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When it comes to at-home press-on nails, they can be a hit or miss with their overall quality. They’re great if you don’t have strong nails, have a habit of nail-biting, or just because! Over the years, I have tried several different types that just didn’t work for me. The glue showed through the nail in splotches or the sizes were limited. Recently, I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply and decided to try a different type of kit.

Along the rows of various nail kits, tools, and other miscellaneous supplies, I had stumbled upon an almond shaped acrylic nail kit by Nail Bliss. I loved that they were clear so you could apply any polish color you may want. For $7.99 for 120 nails in 10 different sizes, this was a deal! Especially since I knew I could get multiple uses from the kit. I purchased a nail glue that contained a polish brush to apply even layers to the nail. After leaving the store, I had spent a total of about $15 on the nails and the glue. (plus tax)

nailbliss nails to go in almond with nailbliss nail glue and a set of acrylic nails on a table

After applying the first set, two of them had already fallen off within a few hours. Since I didn’t want to rip the rest off, I decided to wait a few days until I was able to gently remove the rest. Right before Valentine’s Day I tried again. This time I had much better results. I used more glue and pushed them back into the cuticle before pressing firmly on the nail.

The second set lasted for about a week and felt durable. I’m not saying you should be rough on them because let’s face it - their press-on. The glue isn’t comparable to what they use at the salon. (At least the glue I purchased)

After trial and error on the first two tries, the third time was a charm.

The steps I use to achieve long lasting press-on nails

1) Clean, buff, and polish the nails to prep for the press on’s.

2) Apply an even coat of glue to the nail bed.

3) Working quickly, apply the nail starting at the cuticle and firmly press and hold for 5-10 seconds. It’s also important that your putting them on straight when applying. (Once you set the nail on the glue, there is little-to-no give and it’s not gonna budge.)

4) If the nails are too long or have uneven edges, I’ll take my buffing file and use it until the desired look is achieved

5) Once the nails have been applied I’ll apply an even base coat of a coat, the polish of my choosing, and lastly a top coat. The trick is to apply the colored polish in thin even layers, even if you have to repeat the color 2-3 times.

6) Let them dry & your ready to go!

If you find that a nail has fallen on, do not apply more glue to the existing dried layer. Instead, use a glove to cover your other manicured hand and use warm soapy water to soak the fingernail. You can try and scrap away the remaining glue or you can use nail polish remover. It’s important to remove it from both your nail bed and the acrylic nail. Once both have been dried, apply another (slightly thicker) coat to the nail and press firmly.

nailbliss press-on acrylic nails in almond against a grey carpet and morgan is wearing a white kit sweater

Overall I love how easy and simple it was to apply the nails. When your able to apply them correctly, they could last for around a week or longer. I would also suggest wearing gloves when washing dishes + other similar tasks to avoid deteriorating the glue. The almond acrylic nail set has been my go-to if I'm wanting longer nails. I've been trying to end a lifelong bad habit of picking my nails + cuticles and these nails have been a great way to jump-start that journey.

What are your opinions on nails?

Do you prefer all natural, acrylic, press-ons, gel, or shellac?

Let me know in the comments down below!

until next time,

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*DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post, all opinions and statements are my own. This post contains no affiliate links and all products were purchased with my own money.

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