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Pumpkin + Ice Cream Cupcakes

As the weather becomes cold and the leaves begin to fall, it’s that time of year where baked pumpkin goods are flying off the shelves. Pumpkin in every form: breads, cakes, muffins, pancakes, pies, just about everything you can think of. Instead of buying something from the store, I decided to search online for a yummy autumn treat. When I stumbled across the article from Melanie at Garnish & Glaze guest writing on ohsweetbasil.com, I immediately knew what I wanted to make. It had homemade pumpkin mix, chocolate ganache, and cinnamon cream cheese frosting. (All three recipes can be found at link below)

To add something special to the cupcakes - I wanted to combine them with vanilla bean ice cream. I had originally heard this concept when I was living back in Portland, at an ice cream store called Maggie Moo's. Feeling inspired, I began to search for ice cream cupcake recipes. When I came across Dorothy's ice cream cupcakes from Crazy for Crust, I had found the perfect combination.

For the two recipes used to create this dessert:

Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Cupcakes by Melanie @ Garnish & Glaze

Ice Cream Cupcakes by Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust

(*For ingredients needed: please see each recipe)


Following the recipe from Oh Sweet Basil, I combined the necessary ingredients and baked the cupcakes in the oven for 20 minutes. (can range from 20-25 minutes) After letting them sit in the pan for five minutes, I moved them to a cooling mat.

Once they had cooled to room temperature, I began to cut a medium-sized circle in the middle of the cupcake. When I pulled the top out it resembled the shape of a cone. Leaving the top portion, I removed the bottom section since the ice cream will be in its place.

Before adding the ice cream I put a tray lined with parchment paper ready in the freezer.

In sets of three to four, as per Dorothy's instructions, working quickly I scooped the Tillamook Vanilla Bean ice cream into the hole of the cupcake. I then put the top back onto the cupcake and pressed firmly enough to cover the ice cream. Once I had done them all, I let them sit in the freezer for several hours.

I would wait to put the chocolate ganache & frosting on until you're ready to serve them. To keep the cupcakes in the freezer long term, I would put them in a air-tight container or a zip-lock bag.


Before you're ready to serve the cupcakes you'll want to make the chocolate ganache & frosting. (For the recipes to make them, use the link at the start of the article.) I personally made the frosting first then the ganache, but it doesn't matter the order.

After mixing the cream cheese, butter, spices, and powdered sugar, I added the frosting to a piping bag and put the rest in an air-tight container. Setting that aside, I began to make the chocolate ganache.

After heating the heavy whipping cream, I added the chocolate chips and let them sit for about two minutes. Then I whisked them together and let it cool for another five to ten minutes.


After the ganache has cooled you'll want to scoop about a teaspoon of it onto the cupcakes. (If you're wanting to keep them looking pretty, I would suggest pouring slowly and in the direct middle of the cupcake. I tried and they still were a bit of a mess 😅)

Let the ganache sit for ten minutes before applying the frosting.

Once the frosting has been added, you're ready to serve!

Tip: How to Reuse Ingredients

GANACHE: Heat in microwave safe dish for 5 - 10 seconds

FROSTING: Let sit out for 10 - 15 minutes. Do not leave out longer than 2 hours.

Thanks for stopping by reading today's article, if you want to see more recipes or recreations leave a comment on the blog page!

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