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As the Spring Equinox is a little over a week away, I wanted to share some color + print trends that I’ve been seeing online, at award shows, and on the runways. A majority, if not all, of the following trends aren’t necessarily new but are just becoming popular again. Just to make things clear - I’m in no way a style expert. These are just recurring styles and colors I’ve personally noticed while shopping online and reading articles.

If you like me, who gets overwhelmed when shopping and always gravitate towards the same thing, this is just to help diversify your closet. (Or you can just keeping doing you and buy whatever makes you happy!)


A few prominent colors I’ve been seeing is a ton of white, cream, and beige. I personally love neutrals/earth tones and have been trying to incorporate more of this palette into my dark-colored closet. Plus with neutrals they can really go with anything in your closet since they’re such complimentary colors. When looking online at Aritzia, I noticed white was a very prominent color in their spring line. Everything from white tees, tanks, jumpsuits, suits, jeans and so on.


I feel like this is a recurring trend that’s always in time for spring. Out of all the pastel colors, I’ve been noticing a large amount of Lavender popping up. I’ve also seen pink as well, but not as much of a prominent color. I personally love the lavender, especially in blouses.

[all photos are from aritzia.com]


I wanted to group these two together because they’re definitely statement pieces. I’ve been noticing quite a range from bold to a bit of soft neon pink or red online and a few dresses at this years Oscars.

[outer photos are from aritzia.com + the two center photos are from the oscars 2019 via Harper Bazaar]


When browsing Aritzia online, the main prints for spring I noticed were: black + white polka dots, stripes, checkers, floral, and stripes. Again, I feel like these are recurring patterns that tend to come back. I love all of these patterns as it’s easy to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe without completely changing your style.

[photos are from aritzia.com]


Another popular trend is to wear an outfit that consists of the same color. Such as dressing in all white, black, pastels, bolds, etc. (you get the idea.) I personally love the way the pastel monochromatic outfits look, especially for the springtime.

[photos are from aritzia.com]

I know this post doesn’t cover the many other spring + summer trends of 2019 but I wanted to focus on the colors and prints of the upcoming season. Plus I felt like these trends were easy ways to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe.

What are some spring trends that you like?

Leave a comment below!

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