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If you’re someone who prefers natural or organic facial masks, without paying a pretty penny, you’re in the right place. Some facial masks can be expensive and also containing ingredients you’ve never heard of. Growing a beauty garden gives you fresh and organic produce to use on your skin + hair in addition to your kitchen.

I’ve created a list of items that you can pick and choose to grow depending on your preference. At the end of the article, I have also included a infographic including DIY masks with some of the ingredients below.

There are many fruits, vegetables, herbs & spices that aren't listed but are also beneficial when applied topically. Due to some of the growing conditions, I have left them off the list. The list below contains ingredients that most people can grow at home.

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Not only are they delicious but they’re loaded with vitamins that contain powerful antioxidants to help against free radicals. (think pollution, UV rays {the biggest contributor}, smoke, poor diet, etc.)

Strawberries & Raspberries: High in vitamin C which helps brightens dull + uneven skin, reduce fine lines.

Blueberries: Contains vitamins A, C, & E. This stimulates the production of new cells, helps with hyper-pigmentation, and is an anti-inflammatory.

Red Grapes: The skin of these fruits used for wine contains Resveratrol. Based on Nancy Bliss's book "Simply Beautiful Skin", in recent studies they can be up to 58% more efficient than vitamin C in antioxidant abilities.

Avocado: If you’re lucky enough to grow one (even a mini tree), they are loaded with fatty-acids & vitamin E that deeply moisturize and relieve inflammation. It’s perfect for dry and sensitive skin.

Lemons: also has high levels of vitamin C for brightening & detoxing effects.

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Cucumber: With its high water content it contains vitamins A & K (reduces blood vessels to applied area which is great for under-eye circles & cooling the skin)*

Sweet Potatoes: An excellent source of vitamin A & potassium (improves skin texture + a great alternative if you don't have cucumbers)

Pumpkin: contains fruit enzymes, alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s) that help with cell turnover, and fatty acids. It’s also packed with vitamins A & C. Say hello to glowing gorgeous skin!

Kale: has high levels of vitamins A, C, + K as well as minerals: calcium, potassium + iron. It promotes healthy circulation and helps delay the signs of aging. They also contain zeaxanthin (a carotenoid: the pigment in plants) which also has antioxidant properties. (it’s basically a super-food against fighting the signs of aging.)*

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Mint: helps reduce redness and irritation while giving the skin a cooling effect.

Ginger: Not only does it soothe an upset tummy - it’s filled with antioxidants & helps improve elasticity + skin tone.

Turmeric: has strong anti-inflammatory properties and is ideal for acne yet gentle enough for sensitive skin. (it can leave a yellow residue or temporarily stain the skin - use with caution.)

Aloe Vera: not only does it have a huge cooling effect on the skin, it also hydrates + moisturizes.

Witch Hazel: when used as an extract or hydrosol it can be used for acne and inflammation. Please be advised: some witch hazels that can be purchased in stores have over 50% alcohol due to government regulations that require a three year shelf life. Make sure to buy alcohol-free and check the ingredients to verify.*

Chamomile: due to its soothing and anti-inflammatory abilities, this makes it perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.

Lavender: while containing soothing, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties it also helps balance oil production.*

Rose: also hydrates, soothes, & has anti-inflammatory properties when used in rosewater or other topical treatments.

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Honey: I understand not everyone has the ability to do this due to space, inexperience, or other reasons. (If you are interested in harvesting your own honey I will be doing a guide on this in the upcoming spring.) Honey has anti-septic, anti-inflammatory + anti-bacterial benefits. While also moisturizing it can help fade scars & and give you glowing skin.

Now onto the fun part!

See below for the different DIY masks you can do with ingredients listed from above.

*Information can be found from Nancy Bliss's "Simply Beautiful Skin:Minimize Your Skincare Routine-Maximize the Results" Her book is extremely helpful when learning about natural ingredients & how they affect your skin.

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If you want to see more DIY beauty tutorials leave a comment on the blog page!

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