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Top 5 Simple Body Products

One of my favorite parts of Colorado Springs is there are dozens of locally owned boutiques, shops, restaurants, and more. After living here for about a month, I was introduced to a natural beauty store by a friend, called Simple Body Products. What enticed me the most was the smell of the store. It had this light fresh smell that was relaxing/inviting without drowning you in fragrance.

I've only visited this store a handful of times but I wanted to share some of my favorite items with you. Plus it's always a bonus to #shoplocal to help your community!

flat of rose quartz roller sitting on pink and tan leafico bag next to a green succulent in a gold pot on a white surface

Rose Quartz Roller

I was always curious about gemstone rollers and I was tempted to pick up the jade (which I still may do) but I was more drawn to the rose quartz. When I first purchased it, I wasn't entirely sure how to even use it. After researching the product I was able to learn more about it and what it can do. One difference it made for me personally was its ability to reduce puffiness + inflammation. Personally I use the roller after applying my skincare products (besides SPF) to work products deeper into the skin. I found these super helpful techniques about how to use the roller here.

flatlay of jasmine clay detoxifying bath salts sitting on a cutting board with a tablespoon of bath salts sitting next to container - cutting board is sitting on all white surface

Jasmine Clay Detoxifying Bath Salts

Out of the three bath salts they sell, this one is my favorite due to the product not containing any essential oils. The only four ingredients are: Jasmine tea, Epsom salt, baking soda, and Kaolin clay. It has a soft jasmine aroma and since you don't need a large amount for the bath, it will last for months. If you prefer to contain your bath salts so they aren't just sitting at the bottom, put them into muslin tea bag or sachets.

flatlay of rose bud and geranium bath bomb with dried rose petals, a dried rose, and crumbled roses on a cutting board on a all white background

Rose Bud & Geranium Bath Bomb

This will be my second bath bomb that I have tried by them, the first being a baby bath bomb. (Which I'm not sure it was specifically for "baby's" or just talking about the size - either way it made my skin super soft!) Simple yet a great staple - plus they're all under $5! Currently they also carry Rosemary Mint, Lavender Vanilla, Marshmallow Root & Sage, and St. Johns Wort + Orange.

flatlay of white kaolin clay on a small cutting board with a tablespoon of clay sitting next to bag. cutting board is on completely white surface

Kaolin Clay

I was intrigued that they sold single pouches of different clays. The currently have Kaolin clay, French Green clay, and French Red clay. Since I have had previous experience with this specific clay, I decide to pick some up. I had originally heard of this ingredient when I had been using Angel's on Bare Skin by Lush. I would be interested to mix the clay with rosehip seed oil or another type of oil - I will definitely be on the hunt for a few DIY clay masks.

flat of Simply Beautiful Skin by Nancy Bliss sitting on a wood table with a green/gold box and grey pot

Simply Beautiful Skin by Nancy Bliss

This book was actually one of the first purchases I ever made at this store. It has truly been a game-changer for me. Nancy wrote this book to help others minimize their skincare routine while maximizing the results. I haven't finished the book but rather I've been slowly working my way through the various chapters. (I have actually reread most all pages to ensure I'm absorbing the information before moving on.) One lesson I learned from this book was how important it is to know what ingredients your putting on your skin. When applying products, roughly 70% will be absorbed into your bloodstream. This has made me more cautious as to what products I am applying to my body + face. Another reason why I love this book is she goes in-dept about different products + treatments, ingredients, nutrition, and different skincare regimens and more. I highly recommend this book if you want to learn the overall health of your skin - inside and out.

What are your favorite beauty stores to shop at? Are they local or a large chain? Leave a comment below!

I've also been thinking of sharing some places around Colorado Springs - would you all be interested? Alright, alright, enough of the questions have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Until next time,

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